PBworks Quiz # 1

Quiz: PBworks Quiz # 1
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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PBworks Quiz # 1
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  • The _____ menu allows admins to invite people to the wiki with writer level access.

  • An ______ is a trusted helper who is highly privileged on the wiki. They can rename or delete pages, files and folders. They cannot alter user permissions. They should be highly trusted, since they can delete your data irrevocably.

  • ______ are browsers PBwiki supports.

  • I can log into my PBwiki Accounts by going to:

  • The _____ menu tracks changes made to a wiki.

  • A plugin is.

  • True or False: Renaming a page breaks all links to that page.

  • True or False: You can upload videos to a PBwiki.

  • The "PB" in PBwiki originally stood for..?

  • On a _____ wiki only invited users can see the pages and files on the wiki.

  • The ______ setting on my wiki allows me to set just my notification settings.

  • True or False: PBwiki wiki URLs can be changed.

  • True or False: Email addresses are case-sensitive:

  • To link to an external website, you will need to chose the _____ link type.

  • On a _____ wiki anyone can see the pages and files on the wiki.

  • Checking the box labeled "_____" will enable you to sort your table.

  • The ______ menu allows me to change the colors of a table cell.

  • A ______ is a snapshot of your computer screen.

  • Your organization has a strong spam filter. ______ emails from pbwiki.com will allow them to come through.

  • The ______ plugin allows you to easily insert HTML code on your wiki page.

  • True or False: You can retain page comments if you rename a page.

  • True or False: PBwiki Accounts passwords are case-sensitive:

  • Turning on the _______ setting allows only administrators to edit a page.

  • True or False: PBwiki offers RSS feeds of wiki pages.

  • _______ are acceptable image types for profile picture uploads.

  • Tagging a page _____ will make it appear as a template.

  • The ____ shortcut puts keyboard focus in the search box.

  • A ______ editor is a type of wiki editor.

  • The ______ link will bring you to the administrative functions of a specific wiki.

  • True or False: You can still create a 1.0 wiki.