Media Literacy Quiz # 5

Quiz: Media Literacy Quiz # 5
Subject: Advertising Of Media Literacy
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Media Literacy Quiz # 5
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  • Refers to kinds of messages and suggests that there are categories within which media messages can be organized is known as _____

  • A report that advertisers compile before designing a campaign is known as __________.

  • A planning document that specifies how particular advertisements are to be designed with regard to how the product is to be presented is known as ______

  • ________ is a new perspective on marketing made possible by digitization and the internet.

  • The traditional method advertisers use to engage their targeted consumers by designing ads to attract their attention and then placing those ads in traditional media outlets (television, radio, newspapers, and magazines) where advertisers know there are low concentrations of their targeted consumers in the audience is known as outbound marketing

  • A service provided (usually free) to internet users that allows them to enter keywords to trigger searches for websites that present content relevant to the keywords; the most well-known search engines are Google, Yahoo!, and Bing is known as search engine

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the position and invisibility of a website on search engines.

  • A way of thinking about interacting with potential customers who are surfing the internet is known as __________.

  • they can about each prospective customer and use that information to customize customers’ experiences on their websites.

  • Celebrities as well as ordinary people that marketers use to persuade users of social media to use their products is known as ______

  • Statements made about products through email, websites, and other forms of electronic communication is known as ______

  • The use of internet platforms to solicit resources (particularly information, goods, and services) from the general public is known as ______

  • A news selection criterion that refers to how recently an event has occurred; the more recent the event, the more likely it meets the criterion of newsworthiness is known as _________

  • ______ is a news selection criterion that refers to how close events happen to an audience either geographically or culturally.

  • A news selection criterion that refers to how well-known people and events are to an audience

  • A news selection criterion that refers to the degree to which something would appeal to the emotions of audiences; events that are likely to trigger emotions of admiration, appreciation, amusement, fear, and anger are more likely to be considered newsworthy is known as _______

  • A belief among managers of media companies that it is their job to identify

  • ________ is the psychological principle that says that people generally seek out media messages that reinforce their existing beliefs and behavioral patterns rather than messages that challenge those beliefs and behaviors.

  • Information that is presented as news while being faulty in some way, such as being inaccurate or presenting only a partial explanation that misleads audiences is known as ________.

  • ______ is a set of beliefs about what news should be; because people hold different beliefs about what constitutes news .

  • The specialization of news vehicles in response to a fragmenting niche audience.

  • The ability to spot things in news stories that trigger people to analyze the facts and the way the story is told is known as ________.

  • Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) is Internet-based platforms that attract hundred of game players from all over the world who want to create a persona in a fantasy world and compete for virtual rewards in those worlds

  • When playing video games, the experience of being so focused on playing the game and achieving one’s goals that the player loses track of time and place is know flow

  • The way electronic game players keep the big picture of the game in mind while focusing on the immediate objectives that they face at any one point in the game is known telescoping

  • Middle-Ware Market is the making available of programming packages, _______, and game engines to people who want to design electronic games but lack the programming skill to create them from scratch

  • _________ is the basic programming needed to support an electronic game; users work off this basic programming to customize a game by designing various characters, settings, and rules of their own choosing.

  • A long-term behavioral effect in which the media gradually changes how we spend our time by shifting our behaviors into media usage and away from other activities are known as _______.

  • Short -term behavioral effect in which people form technological bubbles around themselves to separate them from their real-world surroundings are known as Social cocooning

  • Occurs when people, over time, come to rely on particular media messages and experiences to such an extent that they require the continuation of these exposures are known as _________