Management Fundamentals Quiz # 11

Quiz: Management Fundamentals Quiz # 11
Subject: Managing Diversity In A Global Environment
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Management Fundamentals Quiz # 11
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  • Building or buying an operating facility in a foreign country is which type of agreement?

  • Allowing another company to make your products or services and intellectual property in exchange for a royalty fee is ______.

  • ______ are those who live and work outside their native country.

  • A ___________ is an agreement to share resources that does not necessarily involve creating a new company.

  • Which group continues to face harassment and discrimination due to a lack of protection under the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

  • Discrimination is not only illegal, but is also based on a narrow worldview favoring a self-focused view of one’s own group, which is called ______.

  • The phenomenon of a woman being promoted to CEO or other high level of management of a struggling company and then fired soon thereafter.

  • A business that is primarily based in one country but conducts business in other countries is a(n) ______.

  • The term protectionism refers to ______.

  • The variety of people with different group identities within the same workplace is called ______.

  • ______ is a biological characteristic, such as skin color, that creates diverse group identities.

  • A(n) ____________ decision maker likes to make quick decisions without taking the time to get the information that may be needed and without considering alternatives.

  • The decision making condition in which you do not know what the exact outcome will be is ______.

  • Escalation of commitment refers to:

  • What advantage exists for using the decision-making model?

  • The quantitative theory that is often used in service companies and focuses on waiting times is ______.

  • The group decision making method that generates alternatives through the use of role playing and fantasizing is ______.

  • ______ are the standards an alternative must meet in order to be selected as the decision to accomplish an objective.

  • The devil’s advocate approach is used during which phase of the creative process?

  • Using the bounded rational decision-making process makes most sense when the decision is:

  • Product innovation refers to ______, while process innovation refers to ______.

  • The group decision making method that uses a series of confidential questionnaires to refine a solution is ______.

  • Taking plenty of time to make decisions, gather information, and analyze several alternatives is characteristic of which kind of decision making style?

  • Within the creative process, the step in which you take a break from the process to possibly gain new insight is ______.

  • When planning, you first make decisions about ______ and how you plan to meet them.

  • Within the Six Step Decision Making Model, which step would you be most likely to use brainstorming?

  • There are two main models of the Competitive Advantage process. What are they?

  • Policies, procedures, and rules are part of ______.

  • Which is the first step in the strategic planning process?

  • The analysis that focuses on those features in a company’s environment that directly affects its options and opportunities is ______.