Apache Flex Quiz # 3

Quiz: Apache Flex Quiz # 3
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Apache Flex Quiz # 3
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  • How do you set a style property using a Class Selector style in a flex component

  • True or False? Flex directly supports database operations.

  • The phase order of the event flow in flex is:

  • If you want to apply a wipe effect and a resize effect in parallel, what should you use to group them together?

  • Which of the following graphics formats can be use as a Flex Component?

  • Sort event phases in order, from first to last

  • What is the latest released version of Flex SDK?

  • What license is Apache Flex released under?

  • Where do you define the resource bundles for your application?

  • In the Flex global coordinate system, coordinates are relative to the upper left corner of what?

  • What is the name of the top-level object in the display list?

  • Where can you get variables that are global to all applications within the same ApplicationDomain?

  • If you want to prevent a button from displaying in a specific view state, which of the button's properties should you use?

  • What does Data Binding enable you to do?

  • Where can't you find the Apache Flex source code

  • True or False? You can declare constant properties as bindable.

  • Linux support was added in which version of Apache Flex?

  • A labelFunction is:

  • True or False? If you embed a graphic, it is loaded into your Flex application at runtime.

  • Which is NOT a feature added in Apache Flex 4.11

  • Where do you define proxy service destination for working with web services and http services?

  • Which mobile platforms allow Adobe Air apps?

  • How do you avoid "Warning: unable to bind property 'x' on class 'x' ?

  • Which of the following words is referred to as future reserved words?

  • Which of the following components can be used to access server-side data from a REST web service?

  • Which of the following is not a phase of a drag-and-drop operation?

  • Which metadata tag Identifies a property that should be omitted from data that is sent to the server when an ActionScript object is mapped to a Java object using [RemoteClass] ?

  • How do you set the default state of a visual component?

  • Where can you set a defaultButton property?

  • If you define three events on a component and set their priority to 1,2 and 3 respectively. Which event will be handled first?