Oracle 12c Admin MCQ Questions Answers

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Oracle 12c Admin multiple choice questions List

What does Oracle admin do?

The general management of an Oracle database is the responsibility of an Oracle administrator. This might involve work that has to be done for security, maintenance, backup, and configuration. Depending on the size and complexity of the database, as well as the requirements of the company, different tasks will fall within the purview of an Oracle administrator. 

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How do I connect to Oracle admin?

There are two ways to connect to Oracle admin:

  • Using the grid control console
  • Using SQL*Plus

To connect to Oracle admin using the grid control console, you must have access to the server where the console is installed. The username and password for the console are the same as those used to log into the server. Once you have logged in, select the "Oracle" tab, then click on the "Database Administration" link. 

What is the username for Oracle 12c?

"oracle" is the username for Oracle 12c.

You are requested to provide a password for the oracle user while installing Oracle 12c. You will connect to the database as an Oracle user using this password.

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What is Admin user in Oracle?

The main administrator of an Oracle database is the Admin user. The Admin user has access to all administrative functions, including the ability to create and manage users, assign user rights, and more. The Admin user also has access to and control over databases. 

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Is Oracle database administrator a good career?

Whether or not becoming an Oracle database administrator is a suitable career choice is a topic of much debate. While some people think it's a great decision, others think it might not be the greatest choice. However, the majority of those who have held the position believe it to be a fantastic career decision. 

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