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Dojo multiple choice questions List

47. DojoX is

Is Dojo still used?
Companies like Cisco, JP Morgan, Esri, Intuit, ADP, Fannie Mae, Daimler, and many more have utilized Dojo extensively throughout the years. Using relatively modest modifications and upgrades, applications developed with the Dojo Toolkit more than a decade ago still operate today. 

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What is Dojo meeting? 
A dojo is a location where individuals go to develop their talents. A coding dojo is the most typical. In addition to skill development, it should be enjoyable. A computer connected to a beamer or other desktop-sharing equipment, together with a challenge, is provided at each meeting. You can also upgrade your capabilities by practicing the most essential Dojo MCQs with answers. This practice will assess you to pass any interview or examination. 
What is Dojo learning?
It's crucial to pick up new abilities and update one's understanding of one's specialty. By doing this, you can ensure that your staff continues to be productive in their work and that your procedures are efficient. A learning dojo is crucial for corporations because of this. Quizack provides you with the easiest way to learn this topic, it gives you the essential and the most important Dojo mcqs questions and answers to study. 
Is Dojo a JavaScript framework?
The Dojo is a JavaScript framework for developing AJAX-based applications. The program is made available as open-source. It can be acknowledged as one of the most powerful languages for building rich internet applications. All students and job seekers can take benefit from the crucial collection of Dojo multiple choice questions, so they can get the best preparation for their assessments.
What is Dojo JS used for?
A strong open-source JavaScript framework called the Dojo Toolkit may be utilized to develop complicated and important user interfaces that run inside platforms. All of the main browsers can execute the library natively without the need for a browser-side runtime plug-in. All job searchers may get the greatest selection of Dojo MCQ on Quizack if they're seeking to secure a career. This will broaden your knowledge base and maintain your abilities in top shape.