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AMBA AHB multiple choice questions List

Why do we need AMBA?

On-chip elements including CPUs, memory controllers, DMA controllers, interrupt controllers, buses, and debug units may all be connected to and managed consistently using AMBA. Designers are able to do this by producing reusable intellectual property (IP) blocks that are simple to include in AMBA-compliant SoCs. 

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Where is AMBA bus used?

Devices ranging from basic microcontrollers to sophisticated CPUs employ AMBA. Its primary role is to offer a fast interface for communication between several functional blocks on a single chip. In chipsets for personal computers and mobile phones, for instance, AMBA has been employed in off-chip communication. 

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What is AHB in AMBA?

The AHB is the Advanced High-performance Bus, which is a high-speed data bus used in AMBA-compliant systems. The AHB was designed to be a high-bandwidth, low-latency bus that would allow for the efficient transfer of data between system components. The AHB has a number of features that make it well-suited for use in high-performance systems, including:

  • A wide data path (up to 64 bits)
  • A high bus speed (up to 133 MHz)

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What is AHB?

The industry-standard protocol for linking on-chip devices is AMBA AHB. It specifies a high-performance, scalable bus that may be used to link the different SoC parts.

AHB was initially presented in 1996 by ARM, and many different businesses have subsequently embraced it. One of the most widely utilized bus protocols in current SoCs. 

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