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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

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Focused questions for skill assessment

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Free Sample Questions for COM (Component Object Model)

An interface is :

The default method of a component.

A strongly typed contract between a software component and a client.

An articulation of an expected behaviour and expected responsibilities.

a and b.

b and c 

b and c 

Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the IUnknown interface ?

A COM object that has multiple interfaces has only one implementation of the IUnknown interface.

All calls to QueryInterface for a single COM object must behave in the same manner at all times.

QueryInterface is the mechanism by a caller gains access to the other services defined by an object.

AddRef and Release point to the fact that the lifetimes of COM objects are controlled through reference counting.

The IID for IUnknown, is called IID_IUnknown, and is defined in the COM header file since it is a standard interface defined by Microsoft.