Symfony2 Quiz # 3

Quiz: Symfony2 Quiz # 3
Total Questions: 12 MCQs
Time: 12 Minutes


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Symfony2 Quiz # 3
Question 1 of 12
  • Which of following console commands checks for syntax errors in Twig templates?

  • Which base class extend to symfony default test classes ?

  • How do you avoid running out of memory when executing bulk inserts with Doctrine? (Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager $em)

  • How can you dynamically configure Services declared in the Service Container ?

  • Which configuration format is powerful but less readable than standard configuration formats?

  • What is the way around configuring the default charset and collation inside Doctrine?

  • Which of the following Twig codes is valid to check if a variable has the same value and the same type as another ?

  • In which of the following can the configuration of services in symfony be found?

  • Which of the following is an authorization layer of the security component?

  • What is the correct syntax to secure a controller for users with ROLE_ADMIN

  • Who develop Symfony2 framework ?

  • What must a Symfony Controller return?