OpenGL Quiz # 1

Quiz: OpenGL Quiz # 1
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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OpenGL Quiz # 1
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  • What is the significance of i,f,v,d... in function naming conventions found in OpenGL?

  • What two options can be provided to glShadeModel()?

  • Does OpenGL have an official camera?

  • What kind of vertex array is NOT provided by OpenGL?

  • What is the dimensions of a 3D transformation matrix?

  • Generally, what primitive polygon is used for creating a mesh to represent a complex object?

  • Does OpenGL use a client-server model and a state machine?

  • What kind of data is stored in a VBO?

  • What should be done to rotate around a point that is not the origin?

  • What kind of polygons work best in a VBO intended for modeling a solid?

  • In OpenGL, what is a "stencil buffer"?

  • What does Open GLSL stand for?

  • What is a transformation?

  • Are there some OpenGL routines that cannot be stored in a display list?

  • What components make up a light source in OpenGL?

  • If a coordinate system (CS1) is transformed to another coordinate system (CS2) using a matrix M, is it possible to go from CS2 to CS1 and how?

  • What are the valid operations provided to glStencilOp?

  • What does glMaterialf(...) do?

  • When animating, OpenGL provides:

  • Can you specify the location of a light source in OpenGL?

  • What is the difference between glColor3d and glColor3f?

  • If lighting is disabled, which function specifies the color of the vertex?

  • Which function call sets up the size of the output area?

  • What is an FBO?

  • Why are many functions deprecated in the OpenGL specification?

  • Does OpenGL support Rasterization?

  • OpenGL stands for:

  • glVertex is used to draw OpenGL primitives.

  • Is ambient light possible in OpenGL?

  • What are "texture coordinates" used for?