Management Fundamentals Quiz # 12

Quiz: Management Fundamentals Quiz # 12
Subject: Managing Strategy And Planning
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Management Fundamentals Quiz # 12
Question 1 of 30
  • Of the following statements, which is the best example of a well written SMART goal?

  • The technique that enables us to get more done in less time with better results is called ______.

  • Attempting to improve cash flow by increasing revenues, decreasing costs, reducing assets, or combining these strategies to realign the firm with its external environment is called ______.

  • ______ is when a company targets a specific regional market, product line or buyer group.

  • Programs and budgets developed for handling non-repetitive situations are part of what kind of plan?

  • Who is responsible for implementing the operational strategies on a day-to-day basis?

  • When an organization enters a line of business closer to the final customer, this is known as:

  • Strategic and operational plans include which three planning levels?

  • Which of the following decreases competition, helps companies compete more effectively and realize economies of size, and consolidate expenses?

  • Which strategy is developed by the department with primary responsibility for knowing what the customer wants or how to add customer value?

  • ______ is when a company calls for aggressively offering new products and services and/or enters new markets in pursuit of opportunities.

  • Innovative firms tend to have cultures that encourage experimentation. These cultures commonly have which characteristics?

  • The person responsible for implementing an organizational change effort is called the:

  • One step management can use to help overcome resistance to change is ______.

  • The management method of change used in more certain environments during incremental change is ______.

  • The organizational development technique that brings together participants from all parts of the organization, and sometimes outside stakeholders, is ______.

  • The elevator pitch and the second pitch are parts of which stage of the entrepreneurial process?

  • Which organizational development method is designed specifically to improve team dynamics by focusing on how people interact as they get the job done?

  • Cultivating a mindset that embraces change, taking a positive attitude, and developing good habits are part of a process to ______.

  • Which type of change is being encouraged by the following statement: “Jamie, I'd like you to consider getting a college degree if you are serious about a career in management with us.”

  • The change that affects how a firm transforms inputs into outputs is ______.

  • Once change begins, employees, if trained properly with thorough explanations, begin to understand how the change affects them. This is which step in the change process?

  • Employees resist change because:

  • The environment, technology cycles, and next generation are

  • Laying off management to increase the number of people reporting to one manager is which type of change?

  • The change that affects how an organization is departmentalized is ______.

  • What is the benefit of delegating tasks?

  • Companies that are based on networks of interdependent teams that pursue shared goals are called ______.

  • The process of assigning responsibility and authority for accomplishing objectives and tasks is the definition of ______.

  • An organization that is used to connect buyers and sellers and utilizes a shared economy is called a ______.