Enterprise Java Beans - EJB Quiz # 1

Quiz: Enterprise Java Beans - EJB Quiz # 1
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Enterprise Java Beans - EJB Quiz # 1
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  • Where are the EJB classes utilized by applications retained?

  • The _______ is the most common exception class.

  • The _______ file is an XML file used to describe the properties of a bean.

  • _______ is not a tag used in an XML bean archive to define a primitive type.

  • True or False? Enterprise Java 2.0 specification introduces the concept of local beans.

  • EJB applications are deployed on a ____ compliant Application Server.

  • What is RMI-IIOP?

  • What format is the deployment descriptor document in?

  • EJB stands for ________.

  • What file format are all of the descriptor files in?

  • EJB is a framework for _____.

  • If you wanted to control the WebLogic Server EJB’s configuration, what is one of the files you would use?

  • What is another name for a deployment descriptor?

  • Which of the following is one of WebLogic Server's caching abilities?

  • What is concurrency control?

  • What is CMC?

  • In passivation, the opposite method from ejbPassivate() is _______.

  • Does WebLogic server support multiple methods?

  • True or False? A session bean can only be stateless.

  • Which of the following contains the EJB container that provides the services for the EJB component?

  • What is lock annotation used for?

  • What are ACID transactions responsible for?

  • When injection is not available, what is the alternative?

  • What does it mean when business objects have a state?

  • What bean represents real-world objects?

  • A class is serializable if a class's inheritance hierarchy implements _________.

  • A bean _______ is the code responsible for managing beans and the various interfaces.

  • Do clients of EJB instantiate beans directly?

  • _____ bean stores data for a particular user for a single session.

  • What is the EJB container responsible for assigning?