Business Strategy Quiz # 5

Quiz: Business Strategy Quiz # 5
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Business Strategy Quiz # 5
Question 1 of 30
  • What two factors are used in the GE Matrix for strategic analysis?


  • How can a firm maintain its competitive advantage?


  • Why is consistency considered an competitive advantage?


  • What is the main goal in setting customer related priorities?


  • Which of the following is a reason for the failure of a strategic plan?


  • Why would a failed past performance item be worth examining?


  • Why would a firm not mitigate small risks to business?


  • Which of the following is an example of an internal priority?


  • What is a mission statement?


  • What is meant by disaster planning?


  • Which of the following is a barrier to entry?


  • What section of the environment would your competitors be categorized as?


  • What should a company prepare financial ratios for?


  • What does the action plan portion of a strategic plan accomplish?


  • What is the simplest way to make sure that a plan is launched and completed by all parties involved?


  • Which of the following is a method a company could use to evaluate its competitive advantage?


  • What is meant by scenario planning?


  • Which of the following is the method often used to ensure that managers implement strategic plans?


  • Why is it important to have someone who was not involved in creating the plan review the final strategic plan?


  • Which of the following is a common risk outside the control of the business?


  • Why is it important to reflect on past successes?


  • Which of the following would be the best way to mitigate the financial impact of a natural disaster?


  • Why is it important to think about execution before planning?


  • Which of the following non financial factors from the past should be examined as they impact the company the most?


  • What is a SWOT Analysis?


  • What is a common pitfall discovered when a strategic plan is implemented?


  • What must a competitive advantage be in order truly to be an advantage?


  • How does a firm prioritize which threats to their business would be most damaging?


  • Which of the following would be an example of a Customer Strategic Priority?


  • What else must a company have besides an advantage in order to succeed in the long term?