Adobe Illustrator Quiz # 5

Quiz: Adobe Illustrator Quiz # 5
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Adobe Illustrator Quiz # 5
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  • When you convert a color image to grayscale, what happens to the original color?

  • On the Opacity slider, which percentage results in a more transluscent image?

  • In Illustrator, collections of preset colors such as PANTONE, HKS, Trumatch, FOCOLTONE, DIC, and TOYO are called color ________?

  • Which menu sequence do you use to turn artwork into a guide?

  • To modify a curve between two anchor points, what should you do?

  • What would you adjust to change the space between two characters next to each other?

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for show or hide Rulers?

  • When you make a custom collection of effects, where do you save it future use?

  • What is the default size of the artboard?

  • What happens when you click Cmd (Ctrl) + 0 (zero)?

  • Which of the following is one way to save an Illustrator document as a GIF?

  • Which Swatches can be found in the Swatches Panel?

  • Which pathfinder tool is best used to cut a shape out of another shape?

  • Which tool selects points or path segments within an object?

  • How would you make points selectable after live tracing an object?

  • Which of the following is NOT an advantage to turning text into a graphic?

  • How do you put an object in "Isolation Mode"?

  • In which menu can the Snap to Grid option be found?

  • What is a process color?

  • What is the scratch area?

  • Which of the following is one way to add guide lines?

  • How do you export vectors from Illustrator to Photoshop?

  • What is the keyboard shortcut for convert outline to shape?

  • With a single object selected, the menu item Select>Same selects all other object with the same...

  • Where do you edit the baseline grid?

  • Where can the Crystallize Tool be found?

  • Which of the following is a correct way to apply charcoal effect to an image?

  • How do you change lower case letters to upper case letters without retyping it again?

  • How do you efficiently space objects evenly?

  • When using the Pathfinder function Divide, what must you do before you can move and use the new object?