Adobe Flex Builder Quiz # 2

Quiz: Adobe Flex Builder Quiz # 2
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Adobe Flex Builder Quiz # 2
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  • The Flex Properties view appears only when the MXML editor is in design mode. State whether the statement is true or false.

  • Which among the following is not a chart type?

  • JMS is a Java API that lets applications create, send, receive, and read messages for Flex Data Services. State whether the statement is true or false.

  • Which among the following syntax is an alternative to the <mx:Binding> tag?

  • Which among the following files permits SWF files in other domains to access the data source?

  • What is not true about the repeatDelay effect?

  • Which among the following is not a Loop type?

  • What does the term 'Data Model' mean?

  • Which among the following techniques will you use to create skins that do not become distorted when the component is resized?

  • Which among the following types of user interface components is not supported by MXML application?

  • Given the following CSS style declaration, which type of style selector is being used?







  • Given a DataGrid which is placed inside a Panel(Height=300, width=500), how would you set the height and width of the datagrid so that it automatically changes (to fit in the panel) whenever the panel is resized?

  • What is the maximum no. of blocks that can be defined in an mxml file?

  • What happens when we add an item(at runtime) to an array collection which is bound to the dataProvider of a Datagrid?

  • What does the pattern letter "M" denote in the format string of a DateFormatter?

  • The dispatchEvent() method of the EventDispatcher class is used to______.

  • Given the following CSS style declarations, what will be the font color and font size of a label in the UI when the application is run?










  • With which of the following components can Item Renderers not be used?

  • Which method of the ModuleLoader API is used to load a module?

  • The priority of the busy Cursor in flex is ______.

  • Given below is the declaration of a Wipe-Effect. What would be the duration of the wipe effect?

  • The applicationComplete event of a container occurs before the creationComplete event?

  • Which of the following is not a data-driven control?

  • When a flex library project is compiled, what type of file is generated?

  • Which of the following statements about the view cursor is true?

  • Which of the following containers extends the Viewstack class to provide navigation between its child components?

  • The default order in which the event propagation phases occur is______.

  • Which of the following statements most appropriately describes the "behavior" of a flex UI component?

  • Given the following declaration of a CurrencyFormatter, what would the trace statement print?


  • What is the most efficient way to validate that alpha-numeric data is in the correct format?